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Realife Tech introduces Blue Dot Wayfinding

From entrance to seat, from seat to concession, a concession to another point of interest. Make it easy for visitors to get around your venue, festival or event with Blue Dot wayfinding.

What is Blue Dot Wayfinding?

Realife has integrated Blue Dot wayfinding capabilities within the interactive map feature to help visitors navigate the site or venue. Blue Dot wayfinding is an addition to Realife Tech’s integrated interactive map which can already include detailed map overlays and multi-level environments.

Turn-By-Turn Wayfinding

Partnered with highly-accurate indoor location technology, Blue Dot wayfinding can also be combined with turn-by-turn wayfinding for stadiums and indoor venues.

Location-Based Offers

Wayfinding integrations go hand-in-hand with geo-fencing. Tight geo-fencing helps target offers to users based on where they are, making the experience more engaging and convenient whilst driving revenue.

Enhancing The Experience With Navigation Features

Realife Tech navigation features are constantly advancing, allowing attendees to spend less time searching for their destination and more time enjoying their experience.

What To Find Out More?

Blue Dot wayfinding is just one of the technologies we integrate into the Realife platform. For a demonstration, or to discuss options, please reach out to one of our consultants today.

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