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Top 5 Reasons to Add Digital Ticketing to Your Sales Approach

As you open your venue’s doors up to fans, you can anticipate that customer expectations of once standard procedures will have changed. Normal event routines like waiting in a queue for your food order or holding onto a paper ticket are becoming a thing of the past. Venues now have to provide a seamless paperless ticketing system in order to make their fans feel safe and secure. 

There are countless reasons to add a digital ticketing approach to your repertoire, but here are our top five: 

Provide contactless access to the venue

Contactless ticketing is a benefit to not only your customers but your operational efficiency. Utilising digital ticketing allows you to remove a potential bottleneck within your operations. As customers enter your venue, searching for their ticket can easily become a stumbling block and create lines and crowding. 

If their ticket lives within their mobile device, which they are more than likely already holding, this relieves pressure on both the customer and your employee responsible for scanning their ticket. Alongside the element of convenience, paperless ticketing promotes a safer and cleaner event environment while staying in compliance with local health regulations.

Offer digital ticket sharing

Convenience is key. Digital ticket sharing allows members of the same party to share multiple tickets from the same order in a smooth contactless ticketing process. Checking in a large group of individuals can become a holdup. Let’s say that it was assumed that one person held all of the tickets for a group, but as they arrive they realise they’re missing one ticket. 

What can you do but hold up the queue until they get it sorted? Providing a digital ticketing solution allows your fans to get to their event sooner and your operation to run even smoother. Plus, offering a convenient experience to your visitors will make them more likely to come back to your venue in the future. 

Build a profile of each venue visitor

Hone in on your user's unique needs by tracking behaviour and leveraging data. The first step to offering a unique and memorable experience is building a robust profile on each and every one of your users. For example, a user utilised your digital ticket sharing solution to check-in themself and two children. This information alone allows you to begin building a valuable profile to make better decisions like spotlighting nearby food and beverage locations. 

As you gain more information to supplement the user profile, it can be employed off-site and during future visits. This profile enables you to send push notifications and alerts to interested fans with features like personalised offers - making them think of your venue at just the right moment.

Gather your data in one place

Between digital ticketing information and customer behaviour, like food and beverage preferences, there is a lot of data to keep track of. By housing all of your data regardless of an operational sector within one digital solution, your employees can make better, quicker decisions. 

This solution also allows for more ways to optimise data into actionable next steps for your users. As we’ll talk about in the next section, taking your data and utilising it to create personalised, actionable next steps will pay off in the long run - and is made even easier when your data lives in one easily accessible place. 

Offer upgrades and ancillaries to targeted segments of audience

With all of your valuable data in one place, you can now leverage it to offer exclusive upgrades to targeted segments of your audience. Based on these segments, you can employ data such as ticket type, customer location, time of day, and more to show only the most relevant content to that user, minimising the clicks it takes to complete a purchase. 

With every button pressed, users are becoming more loyal to your venue and ultimately more likely to spend more money. Building a personalised experience for every user will create a more impactful experience and foster more loyalty which will likely lead to increased revenue. See a real world example of these strategies put into place at Edgbaston Cricket Stadium, who maximised revenue by rewarding their most loyal fans with personalised offers.

With Realife Tech’s ticketing solutions, all of these benefits and more are available to you. To learn more, reach out and request a demo today.

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