It’s what we believe in as a company, and what we’re doing to make it happen.


Our Vision

To create a better experience of the real-world for every person.

Think about some of the best experiences of your life so far. The things you look back on and smile, the defining moments of your life, the connections you made, the things you saw and did.

A huge number of these, if not all, involve ‘real-world’ experiences – i.e. doing things in the physical world, outside of your home.

These real-world experiences are so vital to what makes us human – even the simple things like going to the shops, getting a coffee, meeting friends, going to a bar. These basic things form the essence of our human connections.

Yet these same real-world experiences can also be unnecessarily complicated, they can be inefficient and, in many situations great experiences can be ruined by the way the real-world ‘responds’ to us.

Our belief is that everyone’s individual experience of the real-world can and should be better.

Our vision is one of a world where real-world experiences are ‘connected’, where you are helped on the journey that you go through and where the real-world can respond to you as an individual and adapt to your emotions and needs.

We can, and will, be the ones who make that happen.

Our Mission

To make the systems we interact with in the real-world more intelligent and responsive to who we are, our journey, and our emotions.

To achieve this mission, we will need to integrate our technology into all of the main 3rd party systems that people interact with on their physical journeys through the real-world.

This includes apps and web, but also extends to 3rd party systems – cash registers/tills, Wi-Fi, digital advertising screens, ticketing, access control systems (i.e. ticket scanners to get into buildings/events) and eventually into every other real-world technology you can imagine.

It includes systems we create ourselves and those created by others.

‘Integration’ however is only half the story. We must instil in these systems the ability to learn and respond to each person who interacts with them as an individual, to understand and determine their journey (i.e. where have they been, what other systems have they used/interacted with) and finally how they are feeling and how we can respond to that to make their experience better

Our platform will have the intelligence to know what each person wants to do next and how we can make that easier and more enjoyable.

Realife Tech. The Experience Automation Platform. 

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