Realife Tech Puts the Real in the Future of the Stadium Experience

The FUTRSPRT Interview Series: Realife Tech Founder Adam Goodyer

April 2021 -- Sports as we once knew it will never be the same. Leagues, teams, and fans entered the COVID-19 pandemic with almost utopian-like SportsTech dreams. Now, the industry is slowly clawing its way back, but it’s been transformed by the power of 10. What’s being presented on this side of the pandemic is what Realife Tech and Founder Adam Goodyer have been working on for 15 years.

With a client roster that includes the likes of Southampton FC, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, and Indianapolis Motor Speedway the mobile-based fan experience platform’s vision is to “create better experiences in the real world”, says Goodyer.

Diving deeper, Goodyer continues, “With the mission of creating one common system for all venues, teams, and fans… making it work as a real web cookie.”

Pause. Before you write Goodyer off as a “Musk on Mars” type of loon please understand he’s anything but. Speaking with Goodyer it became evident that he’s one of the most practical people one could ever meet.

Goodyer sees the entire puzzle, piece by piece. He scans the entire table to ensure the billions of bits of data are there… Pangea is present in his mind, it’s only a matter of time.

At the same time, Goodyer is a historian of his craft and considering the playing field, a gatekeeper of sorts. He can see the future only because he understands the past. A previous musician himself, Goodyer is a conductor.

Realife Tech is stacking data to create one harmonious system that will allow fans more time to be fans, all the while personally curating the bequeath experiences to individual fans.

From ticketing to entry, to payments the company customizes commerce for the fan.

Goodyer describes Realife Tech as an “immersive media attraction that’s digitally based and interacts with the real world.”

He goes on to say that in a post-COVID world, the frictionless experience is expected and that the company always asks itself, “what data systems connect together.”

“Real web cookie”, mentioned above, may remind many of the Metaverse. Speaking of utopian, the Metaverse is seemingly at the brink of existence in today’s post-COVID world. Realife Tech seems like it’s bridging the gap between the Metaverse and reality.

How close is Realife Tech to the Metaverse?

“Take it simpler.”

Goodyer is a practical conductor.

Here’s a guy that’s been in the business since 2005. Starting in music, Realife Tech “got good at event retail and the power of data.” Goodyer sees all the “simpler” pieces on the table. Slowly he’s crafting a masterpiece.

What’s the one tech you’re enthralled with right now in your personal life?

“The Amazon contactless shopper.”(Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” Technology)

Goodyer goes on, “It needs to be more open in terms of individual data.”

This is admirable. Correct, Realife Tech is data dependant. Also correct, Goodyer and company take data privacy very seriously.

What’s next for the company?

“We’re going to continue to push throughout sports and entertainment. There’s a huge need for contactless and we have to make sure the adoption rates are there.”

“It’s just got to be better. Once it’s used, the thoughts of “why did I ever do this any other way” creep in.”

Goodyer ends the question with, “they’re not called customers, they’re called fans. Brands would love to have that relationship.”

In three years Realife Tech is known for _______?

“Connecting the real world.”

Somehow, still, in this instance, Goodyer is practical.



This article originally appeared on @FUTRSPRT podcast.

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