Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin launches app to engage customers in new wor

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The Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin has become the first venue in Germany to launch a new mobile app, powered by Realife Tech. The customer mobile app will enhance the venue experience for attendees, giving them the ability to order food and beverage, use speedy ‘app only’ collection lanes at concession outlets, take part in competitions and be rewarded with upgrades to premium lounges and seating.

Upcoming events at the 17,000-capacity venue include Justin Timberlake and U2. The venue is also home to Eisbären Berlin Ice Hockey team and ALBA BERLIN Basketball team.

Across such a wide range of events, tickets are sold by a number of partners who control the relationship with the customer under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This limits the venue’s ability to communicate with its own customers. The Mercedes-Benz Arena team sees its mobile app as a strategic resource to enable the collection of their own GDPR compliant attendee data. This enables the venue to learn a wealth of information on customer preferences and spending habits. The team can then use this data profile to reward loyal customers and surface personalised promotions to their attendees.

Sarah Schmidt, Director of CRM & Digital commented, “We believe that digital interaction will become an even more important part of the customer experience going forward. Our new venue app will help us in better understanding the needs of our customers and servicing them accordingly, while operating in the boundaries of GDPR. ”

Realife Tech CEO, Adam Goodyer, adds “With the new data regulations, it’s now more important than ever for customers to be rewarded for sharing data with organisations. The GDPR puts much more power in consumers’ hands and venues that do not find ways to engage directly with their customers are in danger of losing control of their own destiny.

“Germany has long been leading the way in its strict approach to the handling of customer data, and we’re excited to be entering the market with the AEG team in Berlin as part of our continued European expansion.”

The Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin app is available now to download on Apple and Android.


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