Driving Ancillary Revenue at Barclaycard Arena Hamburg

How upgraded mobile technology solutions enhanced Barclaycard Arena Hamburg events?

The Barclaycard Arena Hamburg created three brand new revenue streams through the Realife Tech powered mobile app. By allowing customers to stay-up-to-date with their latest events and integrating state of the art experience-enhancing features, Barclaycard Arena Hamburg saw impressive measurable results: 50,000+ app downloads and 1,400 parking tickets sold in-app in one year.

Creating new revenue streams

By upgrading their integrated solutions, Barclaycard Arena Hamburg was able to drive revenue while increasing customer retention and loyalty. Here’s how:

  • Pre-paid parking to improve customer journey
  • Promote unused inventory with suite upgrades
  • Implement Premium entry upselling campaigns

Download this case study now to see how Barclaycard Arena Hamburg’s events were changed with help from Realife Tech.

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