Maximising Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin’s Revenue

How Digital Ticketing Brought Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin New Revenue Streams

The Mercedes-Benz Arena, in Berlin created an untapped six-figure revenue stream through the use of a mobile app-exclusive Premium ticket type. This proprietary digital ticketing system re-shaped the entire user experience. With additional perks like a Premium entrance and credit rewards, Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin was able to incentivise fans to utilise their app and spend more, maximising their overall revenue.

A New Way To Engage Users

With Realife Tech’s digital platform, Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin was able to engage users from ticket purchase to the end of the event, and beyond. Their engagement solutions included:

  • Interactive features like selfie walls to get customers involved 
  • Arena food & beverage solutions that utilised contactless ordering and purchasing
  • Browsing capabilities to keep users coming back for more

Download this case study to learn how to build new revenue streams and gain new customers.

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