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Personalization & Segmentation

Segment Audiences. Personalize Experiences.

Drive Transactions.


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Gather & Leverage Data

Gather & Leverage Data

From multiple sources.

Create Personalized Screens

Create Personalized Screens

For different audience segments.

Maximise Revenue

Maximise Revenue

Through targeted mobile ordering and ticket sales.

Build & Segment Powerful Audiences

Combine data from different sources including ticketing, CRM, location, and account details.

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Create personalized screens for individual users

Based on audience segments, such as where your customer is, the time of day, what type of ticket they have, and much more.


Minimize Clicks in your Ordering Journey

Leverage data sources, like ticketing information or your visitor’s location, to show only the most relevant content to your visitors.

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Targeted Push Messaging

Send the right message, to the right fan, at the right time.

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